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Meet My Client Rachael Willoughby, Business Owner (last count 4 to be exact!)

Rachael Willoughby

"I've been working with Carie for a number of years (100k Masterplan and now 100k Club) and it's the best business decision I have ever made!

I have a number of businesses and Carie's coaching, sales & marketing and mindset knowledge have been invaluable to them all.

One of our businesses is now a thriving 6 figure business, which more importantly is now pretty much stress-free.

Thanks to Carie, we have put in place systems and we now have a constant and steady flow of can't actually put a price on the security of that!

If you want your business to thrive (and not just survive) then I urge you to have a conversation with Carie."

Rachael Willoughby SquareOne Software Design

Rachael on one of her MANY holidays enjoying the fruits of her labour-Reggie the very gorgeous Camper Van

Racheal Willoughby enjoying Reggie

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Meet My Client Cath Dhanjal, Highly Sought After Marketing & PR Consultant

The Answer’s director, Catherine Dhanjal, has been part of Carie’s Mastermind cohort (100k Masterplan & 100K Club) for many years and credits Carie’s wealth of skills, knowledge and experience as being a fundamental part of their success, providing clarity and invaluable insight.

"I looked very carefully at other options before choosing to work with Carie and I simply couldn't find anyone else with her experience, gift for simplifying and clarifying, and her ability to also bring the wisdom of leading management thinkers into her programmes.

I describe the programme I'm doing with Carie as a mini MBA and I'd thoroughly recommend it!

Thank you, Carie!"

Cath Dhanjal PR Specialist

The Answer PR & Marketing

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Catherine Dhanjal

Cath with her lovely new Mercedes! Delighted to see you treat yourself Cath, for all the brilliant work you do with your clients and charities.

Meet My Client Hazel Jarrett, a Multi-Award Winning SEO Consultant

Hazel Jarrett

I was stuck in my business. Although my SEO service is always in demand, I’d launched an online course but didn’t seem able to attract enough of the right people to make it worthwhile

I started working with Carie and “wow”!!

Working with Carie has been one of my best decisions this year. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and is a real pleasure to work with.

If you’re serious about growing, I highly recommend that you contact Carie.

 Hazel Jarrett SEO Specialist SEO-PLUS

I asked Hazel to share a pic of her new car that she has recently treated herself to and so rightly deserves for her outstanding efforts into her clients' businesses. .

Hazel with new car

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Meet my client Alex

After a highly successful corporate career, Alex who had also trained as a coach and trainer in the Psychology of Vision healing model had a passion to share her gifts with the world.

The issue was her coaching was more of a hobby (something that costs you money) instead of a business (something that generates profit)

It was clear to me that this woman was extraordinary yet she did not have enough clients.

Not only was that bad news for Alex, but it was also extremely bad news for all those potential clients who were missing out on working with her. We couldn't let that situation continue on either front!

With the application of my client's On-Demand system, Alex now has a full suite of services and courses and is working with clients all around the world.

Alex Patchett-Joyce | UK

The Psychology Of Vision

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Alex Patchett-Joyce

Meet my client Carla Prout, a Multi Award-Winning Content Creator

"Don't spend years trying to figure it all out on your own, when you can have an expert that will light the way for you, helping you and your business grow together."

Before working with Carie I thought I had a good understanding of how marketing my business worked. Yet everything I put all my effort and money into continued to fall flat.

From my initial meeting with Carie, she helped me to see clearly the areas I was totally missing. My Strategy was basically non-existent and I had huge gaps within my client journey.

Carie is an absolute wonder to work with, being both flexible, supportive, encouraging and enlightening. Her understanding of marketing is unrivalled and I always look forwards to what she will teach me next.

If you are trying to grow your business, extend your reach, update your marketing strategy - or create an entirely new one, Carie is the perfect partner and the best investment I have made for my business.

Carla Prout | UK


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Carla's Captivating Content

What My Clients Say

Carie's wisdom & strategic mind has enriched the direction and structure of my business allowing me to grow and scale like never before.

Rebecca Bitton | Canada

Rebecca Bitton

I made a considerable investment into my business engaging Carie and it's one I pat myself on the back for every day. I can't thank Carie enough for getting me to where I am now.

Jane Mallett | UK

Jane Mallet

As a Coach and Strategist, Carie's depth of wisdom is something to behold. It's a rare thing so if you get the chance to experience it, grab it with both hands and say thank you!

Wesley Longoria | The Virtual Edge | South Africa

Wesley Longueria
Yvonne Bignall

"Working with Carie, I now have a business model and sales process that has proved invaluable and has given me direction in my business, something I didn’t have before!

Plus I love working with Carie! Her generosity in terms of her knowledge sharing, her level of expertise and her sense of fun"

Yvonne Bignall

Self Care Coach | UK

Mandy Withers Talk HR

"Carie’s magic is that she empowered me from the outset to play a bigger game with no-nonsense, no gimmicks but good old marketing tools.

The results speak for themselves - my HR Consultancy business continues to grow with more of my ideal clients."

Mandy Withers

Talk HR Solutions | UK

Andonette Martine Wilkinson

"Carie's most valuable skill is how much she is able to empathise and understand what is blocking you.

Specifically, we now have a crystal clear message and the confidence to attract bigger clients. (We have gone from sole traders to eight-figure businesses) and how to retain them ongoing."

Andi Wilkinson

Marketing Agency | UK


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