Are You Losing Out On GREAT Clients Because Of Your MEDIOCRE Marketing?

  • Do You Struggle To Attract Enough Of The Right Clients?
  • Are You Unable To Articulate Why They Should Engage/Buy From YOU & NOT From Your Competitors?
  • Is Your Service/Product Offer Getting Lost In The White Noise Of Social Media and the Online Space?

Time to bring in the big guns :)

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Learn How To:

Speak to the RIGHT people with the RIGHT message and the RIGHT offer.

How it works:

Once you've booked your consultancy sessions, I'll be in touch with your Pre-Work and Learning Centre Access.

Session 1- You follow my step by step video guidance to collate the necessary information and do the Deep Thinking required for our sessions together.

You'll need around 2-3 hours to complete this work and you'll be fully prepared to work at a deep level with me to maximise our time together.

Session 2- Brace Yourself!

We're going to be doing great work together!

Based on your work from Session 1, we're going to nail the sacred foundations of THE BEST and MOST PROFITABLE Marketing Strategies.

  • Market
  • Message
  • Media

You may think you've done this work before, but I promise you, not like this!

After this session, you'll have more work to do on your own so that when we reconvene for Session 3, you'll be well prepared!

Session 3- In this session, we're going to map out YOUR UNIQUE Signature Solution / Product Roadmap then pull the whole Strategy together so you will leave with a detailed Marketing and Sales Action Plan

BONUS: The whole process can be completed in 14-30 days and during that time you have VIP email and Direct WhatsApp access to me so you will NEVER be stuck AND a FURTHER 30 days after we've finished.

PLUS I'm will create a video Online Audit for you (including your Linkedin & Website) so you know exactly what changes you need to make to articulate your new marketing messaging.

I know and you're welcome! :)

To Ignite Your Marketing We Need To...


Define Exactly Who Is Your Ideal Client

If you're not crystal clear on WHO your ideal client is, how do you expect them to hear what you are communicating to them.

Transform Your Targeting from Scattergun to Laser Focused.

Create Your Million Dollar Marketing Message.

Your marketing message should have the effect of a great joke. You get it immediately! Without this, you are leaving money on the table daily for your competitors to take to the bank instead of you.

Transform your message from Meh to Amazing.

Map Your Success Roadmap

Do you provide an ordinary service?

Then why are you presenting it in an ordinary way?

Create your bespoke success roadmap and leave your competition behind by a country mile.

Transform Your Offer from Good Enough to Exceptional



Working with Carie Lyndene not only transformed our business, but it also transformed our life, I only wish we had met her sooner! We would be sipping champagne on a Caribbean island by now. Her experience, professionalism, insight, coaching and guidance have helped us to grow and build 4 successful businesses and create a fabulous work/life balance.

Rachael Willoughby

Square One Software | Cheltenham | UK


Carie Lyndene Jan 2022

Hi, I'm Carie...

I’m a Business Growth Expert, Linkedin and Sales Sage.

But I haven’t always been one.

I’ve worked B2B, B2C, in direct sales, training & education and consultancy.

My long and varied professional journey helped me identify the key to unlocking success and happiness in business.

I've been intrinsic in 10s of millions of pounds of sales for my clients changing the quality of their lives forever.

I don't just tell you what you need to do, I show you how to do it too.


Carie was a saviour for assisting Acorn Finance in realising our target market, marketing message and the marketing plan to go with it.

Stuart Gibson, Acorn Finance Services

Ditch the Frustration of your income NOT aligning with the value of the work you do or the service you provide.

Book Your "Ignite Your Marketing Strategy" Consultancy Sessions With Carie Lyndene Today.

Your Marketing will never be the Same Old Same Old again!

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