Transform Your Sales Results From Good Enough To Exceptional

There are few problems in business that can't be solved with consistent, profitable sales (orders, contracts or retainers) from the right clients or customers.

That's why I help Micro Business Owners, Coaches, Experts, and Consultants (who know they deserve More, Bigger and Better) hit their sales targets & revenue goals every month WITHOUT complex marketing or tacky sales tactics.


Here's Why I Do What I Do.

I want to help you transform your business from Good Enough to Exceptional!

Here at Exceptional Sales Results H.Q. over the last 37 years, I've worked with 100s of micro and small business owners just like you who desire more from your results, your business and your life.

I know you deserve more than your business is giving you right now. More security, more income, more impact, more time and freedom to enjoy it.

If you are anything like me, you may be frustrated by the so-called "gurus" and "experts" who are pillaging your bank account and your dreams by OVER PROMISING and UNDER DELIVERING on the results they entice you with to buy their products or services.

Business Guru asking you to trust him

Unfortunately, you are being set up to fail, instead of being set up to succeed.

The truth is there are no bells and whistles, no magic bullets and no one thing that will transform your sales from good enough to exceptional.

Just good old tried and tested Marketing, Sales and Business Growth Strategies combined with just the right amount of cutting edge, ahead of the curve insights, training, coaching, support and supporting marketing tactics when needed.

It all comes down to these three things. Confidence, Action and Results and that's what we focus on together.

Educate & Elevate


Inspire & Implement


Achieve & Accelerate


Here's HOW I Help You.

Self Study Programme

Online Self Study Digital Products

Group Coaching & Mastermind

Group Consultancy & Masterminds

Private Coaching with Carie Lyndene

Private Consultancy, Coaching & Mentoring

Who is Carie Lyndene?

Carie Lyndene (The Sales Sage) is known as one of the most sought-after Sales Authorities for women in business in the UK.

She's famous for creating a multi-million-pound business (from her dining room table while bouncing babies on her hip) and helping 100s of her clients create 10’s millions of sales, lifestyle businesses and six-figure incomes.

With her, no-nonsense, no BS, no puffery, real-life Marketing & Sales Strategies she works with local businesses, consultants, coaches, and experts to transform their sales results from good enough to exceptional.

Her method is a NO-THEORY zone and NEVER involves complex marketing, tacky sales tactics, or expensive advertising.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, she has continued to reinvent and evolve her business through many personal and professional challenges.

This allows her enormous empathy for, and insight into, whatever you are going through right now and need to move forward.

he Sales Sage - Carie Lyndene

What My Clients Are Saying

Meet Carla

"Before working with Carie I thought I had a good understanding of how marketing my business worked. Yet everything I put all my effort and money into continued to fall flat.

From my initial meet with Carie, she helped me to see clearly the areas I was totally missing. My Strategy was basically non-existent and I had huge gaps within my client journey.

Carie is an absolute wonder to work with, being both flexible, supportive, encouraging and enlightening. Her understanding of marketing is unrivalled and I always look forwards to what she will teach me next.

I have made a huge amount of progress in my marketing since I've met Carie and now have a solid plan I am confident in executing along with Caries continued support and guidance.

If you are trying to grow your business, extend your reach, update your marketing strategy - or create an entirely new one, Carie is the perfect partner and the best investment I have made for my business.

Don't spend years trying to figure it all out on your own, when you can have an expert that will light the way for you, helping you and your business grow together"

Carla Prout | UK


Would you like the same results as Carla?

Carla's Captivating Content

How Crystal Clear Is Your Marketing Message? Be honest!


If you want your marketing message to land with your ideal client then you need to join in the conversation that's already happening in their head.

To do that, you need clarity on the exact problem you solve for them.

The problem you solve is your "currency" and this is a critical component of your marketing message.

Get my fill in the blanks framework to identify your most valuable currency.

The one that's going to speak directly to your ideal client and which will reposition your offer to them in a way they will totally understand and more importantly, desire.


Are you a purpose-driven micro business owner who is totally brilliant at what you do but just not enough people know about you or are buying from you?

Are you frustrated that you are not attracting enough of the clients that you really love to work with and who pay you want you are really worth?

Have you wasted time, money and energy working on complicated marketing that’s still ending up with you talking to the wrong people?

Up until now has your client base relied on networking, referrals, and random posting on social media?

What would it mean to you if you had a time-proven way of generating qualified leads and converting them into ideal clients in a stress-free sales process?

How would it be if you could swipe and action my simple Sales Strategy (which has generated 10s millions of sales for me and my clients) which means you no longer worry about having to become a marketing ninja to make the income you deserve?

I’ve been teaching this to business owners just like you for over 25 years so they can grow a business that creates the lifestyle they truly want and more importantly they deserve.

My strategy is simple, effective, and specific to where you are in your business development.

So, if you are fab at what you do and want to attract and convert your ideal clients, then I can help

If you are a Start-Up, a Start Over or Start Again or even if you have been going a while but haven’t broken the £50k a year mark,
The Sales Incubator is for you.

If you’re over £50k a year and want to secure those elusive consistent 10k Pay Days, then it’s my 100k Masterplan 12 Week Intensive (next cohort starts May)

If you are around or over the 100k and need longer-term accountability and mentoring, then
The Momentum Mastermind (AKA THE 100K CLUB) is for you. All members complete the 100k Masterplan before joining.

If you prefer to learn at your own pace and in your own time – I’ve got online digital mini workshops and more in-depth training.

I absolutely LOVE teaching this sales process which has generated millions of pounds of business for me and my clients.

Having this skill set has allowed me to weather all the storms that have come my way over the years and so have my clients. All of my clients still grew throughout 2020 because they knew how.

So how would it feel to wake up to sales calls booked and orders in your inbox from ideal clients?

That good eh? So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch.

Connect with me now and let’s have an informal chat


Why Work With Me?

You're My Priority

Unlike many group programmes, I work in small, live Cohorts to ensure you get over the finishing line and get maximum value from your course.

I take the time to listen and understand what you want, what you need and then we work together to get it done.



My coaching programmes carry a "Pays For Itself" or a "Love it or Leave It" Guarantee.

See specific programmes for details

100% No Theory Zone

Everything I teach you is exactly what I've done myself to move millions of pounds of products & services into the marketplace.

1000's lives have been positively impacted by my coaching and training.

Next Steps?

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Yvonne Bignall

"Working with Carie, I now have a business model and sales process that has proved invaluable and has given me direction in my business, something I didn’t have before!

Plus I love working with Carie! Her generosity in terms of her knowledge sharing, her level of expertise and her sense of fun"

Yvonne Bignall

Self Care Coach | UK

Mandy Withers Talk HR

"Carie’s magic is that she empowered me from the outset to play a bigger game with no nonsense, no gimmicks but good old marketing tools.

The results speak for themselves - my HR Consultancy business continues to grow with more of my ideal clients."

Mandy Withers

Talk HR Solutions | UK

Andonette Martine Wilkinson

"Carie's most valuable skill is how much she is able to empathise and understand what is blocking you.

Specifically we now have a crystal clear message and the confidence to attract bigger clients. (We have gone from sole traders to eight figure businesses) and how to retain them ongoing."

Andi Wilkinson

Marketing Agency | UK

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I was stuck in my business. Although my SEO service is always in demand, I’d launched an online course but didn’t seem able to attract enough of the right people to make it worthwhile

I started working with Carie and “wow”!!

Working with Carie has been one of my best decisions this year. She has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and is a real pleasure to work with.

If you’re serious about growing, I highly recommend that you contact Carie.

 Hazel Jarrett SEO Specialist (SEO-PLUS)