Create Your Linkedin Lead Generation Machine


Imagine if you had a machine where you put your ideas in one end and money pops out the other?

You do, it's called Linkedin!

Join me over the course of 21-30 days, for three powerful structured guidance and consultancy sessions, where I take you by the hand and show you how to transform your Linkedin from a lifeless listing in a professional directory to a lead generating machine.

These sessions will be a GAMECHANGER in your ability to generate leads and therefore great clients, using Linkedin.

Proven Profit Process

I'll show you exactly what you need to do to get exactly what you want.

Save Time & Resources

Don’t waste time searching for answers. Get what you need in less time, with ease.

Decades of Experience

Have peace of mind! I have 40 years of know-how to draw on to help you get results.

If, as I did, you are hesitating before accepting that you need some help with LinkedIn and how to use it as a marketing, sales and enjoyable networking tool, don't.

I have recently spent time with Carie working on my LinkedIn with incredible results.

I now have a marketing strategy using my LinkedIn profile and newfound confidence in my unique voice and business. Thank you, Carie!

Annie Franklin- Independent Facilitator, CEDR Accredited Workplace and Commercial Mediator

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Why is The Linkedin Lead Generation Machine Consultancy for you?

  • If You Are B2B With A Premium Service
  • Your Market Can Be Found On Linkedin
  • You Want to Generate Quality Leads and Enquiries Without Paid Ads or Having To Become a Social Media Maniac

Session 1- Who, What, Why, Where?

This is where you get to work.

You'll need to book out time (2-3 hours) to watch my step by step explainer videos so you can collate all the information required and do the DEEP THINKING that we will need to complete Session 2.

Session 2- Your Strategy-Begin With The End In Mind

Now you have completed Session 1, this is where we roll up our sleeves and get to work together.

First things first, we'll work on your business objectives and exactly what you want to achieve using this platform.

Then we'll devise the RIGHT MARKETING STRATEGY to attain those results.

Once we have CLARITY on that, we'll optimise your Profile to support that strategy.

Brace yourself, we're going to be going some seriously powerful work together.

Session 3- Strategy Implementation

In this session with you, I'll be critiquing your work, reviewing where you are and keeping you accountable.

To monitor your progress ongoing, I'll create an interactive dashboard for you based on your targets and objectives.

You will leave these sessions locked and fully loaded to transform your dull old Linkedin Profile into a Lead Generating Machine.

BONUS: Resources and Answers at your Fingertips

I'll supply you with all the templates, frameworks and interactive dashboards to monitor your progress.

You'll also have VIP Email and WhatsApp access to me between sessions AND for a further 30 days after we've completed.

Book Your Earn More Stress Less Consultancy With Carie Lyndene Today

Known as The Sales Sage, Carie has been intrinsic in 100s of businesses growing further and faster than they ever thought possible.

Carie Lyndene 2021

Before working with Carie, I knew nothing about Linkedin yet because of my business model, it's vital for me to have the ability to connect with quality businesses.
I have found working with Carie to be easy, and very informative (I never knew how much I needed her until I started working with her!)

Carie is kind and ethical and I've learned so much in the time I have been under her tuition.
If you think you need Linkedin but are not sure where to start, I would highly recommend working with Carie. She is amazing!

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