If you're a Business Owner with a small team, a Professional Service Provider, an Expert, a Coach or a Consultant who has got business growth challenges that need to be solved and serious business goals to be achieved.

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Perhaps you've tried to work it out for yourself or with your team or you've engaged support before and it either didn't work out or it's come to its natural conclusion.

Whatever has brought you here, the purpose of our call is


CLARITY for you

  • Do I have the right solution and offer the right support for you?
  • Am I the right person to work with you/your team?
  • Is this the right time for you to commit to doing what it takes to make your business dreams a reality?

CLARITY for me

  • Are my expertise right for you?
  • Are you a person/business I'd be excited about investing my time with?
  • Are you teachable/coachable and will you take action?

CLARITY for us

  • Does it make financial sense for us to work together?

Business Audit

Now you may be thinking,

"Carie, are you trying to put me off booking a call with you" and the answer is yes I am if...

  • You're booking this call just as an informal connection. You can certainly have that sort of call with me but book HERE instead.
  • You're booking just to "Pick My Brains" The truth of the matter is, I share lots of free stuff HERE so go check that out as you'll probably find the answers you're looking for without wasting any of our time!

Let's Take a Deep Dive Into Your Business

During our time together, we're going to discuss one of the most critical aspects of your business growth. The Money!

Sales Revenues, Pricing, Profits etc

Let's get it all out on the table so we can properly assess

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A-Where are you now?

B-Where do you want to be?

C-How are we going to get you there?

Easy as ABC

So if you're serious about making a seismic shift in your income, the impact you make and the ability to create better life choices, book a Fast Start Call with me today.

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Why book a call with me?

I’m more than your run-of-the-mill business coach.

I'll help you transform your business into the one that you originally set out to create.

The one that allows you to make a huge impact for your clients, a fabulous income for you, opportunities & a balanced quality of life for your loved ones and be an inspiration to others.

All the while remaining integrity and staying 100% purpose-driven and client-centric.

You're allowed to, capable of and deserve to, have it all.

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FYI- Here is a quick summary of programmes and services I offer.

Really Useful Specific Issue Consultancy Sessions

Many people come to me completely lost.

They know lots of things they need to do but just can't join the dots.

Often their budgets are stretched and just really need some expert input and a critical friend to guide and help them solve their immediate issues.

This is why I offer various stand alone consultancy sessions to help address these challenges.

Powerful and Profitable Group Mastermind & Marketing Training

Work with me and a group of like-minded peers and discovery

EVERYTHING you need to know to

1. Get & Keep Great Clients

2. Pay Yourself More Each Month

3. Create a Business & Life You LOVE!

Life-changing Business Growth Consultancy & Mentoring

Totally bespoke to your business needs and goals.

Whether you want to hit your 6 figure income or 7 figure revenue, I'll work with you, your team and even your clients to ensure you hit your financials goals and/or your clients' outcomes.


Automated Lead/Sales Call Generation System

If your issue about time and /or overwhelm, let us that the hassle out of the process for you.

We will work with you to create your Automated Stress-Free Sales System and Marketing Assets bespoke to your needs and goals.

e.g. CRM & Email Marketing System, Lead Magnets, Sales Videos and Appointment Booking System

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Rave Review

"When in business for yourself you can easily get carried away by your day-to-day commitments, that you risk getting overwhelmed at times and losing focus.

Having signed up with Carie on her Business Growth Programme, I've never looked back: the support is simply second to none:

Not only does Carie get quickly under the skin of your business, the offerings, the marketing & sales, and the clients, but she also gave me confidence in pushing my ‘income glass ceilings’ and helped me accomplish the results I was dreaming of achieving.

That my business has grown significantly due to Carie's generous and momentous input, she is passionate, genuine, generous and an absolute pleasure to work with."

Marina Ibrahim | Cross-Cultural Consultant | Globabilty UK

Marina Ibrahim

About Me

I’m Carie Lyndene

As an expert marketing & sales strategist, consultant and mentor, my focus is to get you to your business & personal goals, quicker, with more ease and with as little stress as possible.

I'm a total nerd when it comes to marketing, and my obsession is helping others create that elusive 100K income/profit that so many Consultants, Experts, Course Creators and Service Providers aspire to but rarely achieve.

Over the past 40 years, I have helped hundreds of busy professionals from all over the world stabilise, optimise and accelerate their income…so you are absolutely in the right place! 

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