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I’m more than a business coach — I help you transform your business into the one that you originally set out to create.

The one that allows you to make a huge impact for your clients, a fabulous income for you, opportunities & a balanced quality of life for your loved ones and be an inspiration to others.

All the while remaining in integrity and staying 100% purpose and client-centric.

You're allowed to, capable of and deserve to, have it all.

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FYI- Here is a quick summary of programmes and services I offer.

Cutting Edge Online Self Study

Work in line with your budget and time available.

Learn exactly the strategy and time tested tactics that I teach my private clients, in your own time and pace.

Hybrid Coaching & Group Consultancy

Enjoy the best of both worlds.

Get up to speed privately with me then join a group of those at your level in business.

Mastermind Groups

Now you've completed the implantation of your 100K Masterplan...

Just imagine what you can achieve with another 6-8 savvy graduates of Carie's programmes are working with you and Carie on your business?

Private Mentoring

Private , coaching, mentoring, training and creation 100% Bespoke To Your Needs and Goals.

e.g. Marketing Strategy, Website, Crm, Marketing Funnel, Sales System. We can create with you or for you.

Rave Review

"When in business for yourself you can easily get carried away by your day-to-day commitments, that you risk getting overwhelmed at times and losing focus.

Having signed up with Carie on her VIP Hybrid Programme - a blended programme of e-learning, group consultancy and 1-2-1 coaching with her – I've never looked back: the support is simply second to none:

Not only does Carie get quickly under the skin of your business, the offerings, the marketing & sales, the clients, she gave me confidence in pushing my ‘glass ceilings’ in my marketing and sales abilities and helped me accomplish the results I was dreaming to achieve.

That my business has grown significantly due to Carie's generous and momentous input. She is passionate, genuine, generous and an absolute pleasure to work with."

Marina Ibrahim

About Me

I’m Carie Lyndene

I’m an expert marketing & sales strategist, consultant and trainer,

A total nerd when it comes to marketing, and my obsession is helping others create that elusive 100K income that so many Consultants, Experts, Course Creators and Service Providers aspire to but rarely acheive.

Over the past 35 years, I have helped hundreds of busy professionals from all over the world stabilise, optimise and accelerate their income…so you are absolutely in the right place! 

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