The Quest?

To ensure your business pays you what you're worth, what you deserve AND allows you the time to enjoy it.


This is the ULTIMATE Sales Development and business 12-month support programme.

Unleash your sales potential to elevate and accelerate your

The How?

  • Information- Learn exactly what you need right now. Cut through the white noise of information overload!
  • Inspiration- Learn from The Sales Sage (who has created her own quality lifestyle business) and Mastermind with your like-minded peers plus Guest Experts.
  • Implementation- The knowledge only works if you take action. Stay accountable and get things done!

What included?

  • Mission-critical marketing strategies, simple to implement and explained step by step by me, to equip you and your business with all you need to unleash your sales potential plus...
  • 12 Months Support, Peer Community & Accountability in the Plan / Do / Review monthly LIVE session online.
  • Ever developing training portal with easy to consume videos of The Sales Incubator Stress-Free Selling System which includes frameworks, templates. checklists cheat sheets and FAQs.



Who This Is For...

The Sales Incubator is designed for professional service providers, experts, coaches, consultants and therapists who are still not earning what they are truly worth yet know they deserve more.

Andi of Made By Factory in Manchester was one of those. Brilliant at what she did. She put her heart and soul into her work yet still ended up working with broke sole traders.

After we "unleashed her sales potential" she had the confidence and skill set to attract and work with eight-figure businesses that could afford and valued her services.

Andi said "From working by myself earning £6k in year one, we are now almost at our second big goal of £250k turnover"

Andonette Martine Wilkinson


Too Busy

Busy Doing The Wrong Things.

How Stressful Is This?

You know when you look in your diary and it hasn’t got enough new sales calls or opportunities booked in that week but yet you seem to be incredibly busy however not much all that activity is making you money?

An empty or too full diary (or to-do list) is just one of the problems I'm going to help you solve!

Bored Woman

Boring Marketing & Lack of Clarity.

How Disappointing Is This?

When no-one is paying any attention to your marketing!

It's just blending into the white noise out there and your target market are NOT engaging.

Well, that's another one of the problems I'm going to help you solve!

Disappointed Woman

Uncomfortable Selling Yourself.

How Frustrating Is This?

You know when you are in a sales conversation with someone who potentially fits your ideal client criteria and the problem they are looking to solve matches exactly the solution you offer yet they still don't buy from you or become a paying client?

Yep, we'll take care of this one too!

In The Sales Incubator, you'll learn you don't have to be great AT selling to consistently sign up new clients.

Here's Your Mission If You Choose To Accept It.

Learn how to consistently turn strangers into paying clients or customers.

Level 1- Strategy

  • How To Set Yourself Up For Success
  • The 3 Critical M's In Marketing.
  • How You Join the Conversation That's Already Happening In Your Ideal Client's/Customer's Head.

Wisdom Mindset
Marketing Coaching Online

Level 2- Systems

  • Create Your Unique Signature Solution That Differentiates You From Your Competition.
  • Optimise Your Online & Social Media Presence.
  • What Income Producing Activities To Focus On And How.

Level 3- Sales

  • Attract The Right Prospects.
  • Convert Them Into Paying Clients or Customers.
  • WOW them so they buy from you again and again (and refer you to others)

Carie Lyndene's Mastermind Group
Group Coaching & Mastermind

Monthly LIVE & Online PLAN/DO/REVIEW

The power of being accountable, learning, sharing, supporting and contributing in a group, accelerates everybody's results exponentially.

Build Unstoppable Confidence

One of the biggest mistakes people make around their professional development is thinking that you either have or don't have confidence.

Confidence comes from instilling 5 critical elements into your business and that's exactly what we are going to do.

We'll have you knocking out those blocks to success in no time!

Punching Above Your Weight

Class details

What: The Sales Incubator

Definition Incubator: a device used to nurture, grow, monitor and sustain progress.

How: World-class cutting edge training. Monthly coaching & planning sessions. Regular check-ins, tactic training topics and peer accountability group & community.

Price: £1999 for 12 months membership (payment plans available)

FYI - Live events are run in small groups so you'll always be heard and helped by me personally.

When: The 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month.

Who this is for: Purpose Driven Women In Business who know they deserve BIGGER, BETTER & MORE!

Whether you are a Start-Up, Start Over, Start Again or if you have been in business for a while it's never too late to get these missions accomplished and unleash your sales potential!

Ready to Start Earning What You Are Truly Worth?

Register now for The Sales Incubator and let's work together to unleash your sales potential!


Past Programme Attendees


I started working with Carie a year ago, it was a considerable investment for me to make in myself and my business – but it’s one I pat myself on the back for making almost every day!

Back then I was playing very small, had no real plan of where I was going and had quite a lot of fear around sales & marketing.

And now - I have a marketing message that is clear and consistent; I have direction and I’m far better at planning.

I’m no longer afraid of sales & marketing and I sign up new clients on a regular basis.

I have a business that is growing and that I’m proud of. I can’t thank Carie enough for getting me to where I am now.

Jane Mallett
Nutrition Consultant

Jane Mallet


Carie doesn't just change your business, she changes your life.

The way in which she imparts her massively extensive knowledge, with a hefty dose of warmth and mentoring, is unique.

If you implement the structure and strategies she teaches, your business will, indeed, skyrocket.

Carie, I cannot thank you enough for your tireless service and passion towards empowering and enabling me, and of course, many others, to create their own level of sales success.

Susie Mackie
Body Confidence Photographer | Author| Speaker

Susie Mackie

Stop trying to figure this out all on your own.

Throughout this combination of ONLINE TRAINING and LIVE Monthly Planning & Coaching Sessions, you'll achieve more because you'll be working with a world-class coach (that'll be me) and your peers to help you implement and embed your new-found knowledge and skills.

The advantages of this type of group learning programme are endless.



Literally HOW you are thinking. About you, your business, your success, your marketing, your sales and your income.



Knowledge only becomes power when it is applied. I'm going to teach you exactly what you need to know, then you're going to implement it!



We're not born with skills, we learn and develop them with practice, support and time. That's why in The Sales Incubator I've extended your ongoing support to 12 months.

This is going to give you the safety net to ensure you embed everything you are learning.


The Plan, Do, Review Structure

Your situation is an ever-evolving thing. Through our regular check-ins and monthly LIVE planning & coaching sessions, we'll keep an eye on the right things to ensure you're on the right track.

Throughout the programme, we'll create a roadmap together, which will provide the framework and space for you to PLAN/DO/REVIEW with ease and clarity.



Use the planning and coaching sessions and the peer accountability group to get feedback along the way.

You're not creating change in a vacuum! You'll be supported every step of all way.


When you join THE SALES INCUBATOR you are going to be learning and shown how to implement INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES (IPAs) so you can be signing up new clients and customers consistently.

Let's make this really easy for you!

The Sales Incubator is £1999. We know everyone is starting this journey from different places. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just getting started, this programme has a monthly payment option for you with NO extra charges added for the convenience of paying monthly.

Choose to a single payment or over 3 or 6 months to ease the cash flow.

My motivation is to get you in, get you started, get you earning what you're worth ASAP!

1 Payment

No bells and whistles.

A single payment of £1999 and a whole year of cutting edge business support awaits you.

1 x £1999


3 Payments

The advantage of this is after 3 months, your payments are done and dusted.

Then you still have the monthly coaching & planning support for another full 9 months after that and can access any further training we add to The Sales Incubator.

3 x £667

Get Started Today For


6 Payments

Ok, Absolutely No Excuses! You can breakdown the payment of your cutting edge business development programme OVER 6 MONTHS!

I Know! And you're welcome!

6 x £335

Get Started Today for



When you join THE SALES INCUBATOR and after your kickstart session you decide it's not for you, let me know immediately and I'll refund and you can have the first session on me!

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this class for?

The Sales Incubator is designed for professional service providers, experts, coaches, consultants and therapists who are still not earning what they are truly worth yet know they deserve more.

They also need to be able to commit to 2-3 hours per week working ON their business.

So you may be a Start-Up, a Start Over or a Start Again or you may have been in business a while but just missed some steps setting your business up for sales success.

Like your Strategy, Systems and Sales Process!

No shame in that! We don't know what we don't know but now's the time to change all that.

What's included?

Combination of Self Study Modules, Live Planning, Coaching & Discussion Sessions with Carie online.

There will be regular check-ins throughout the week with a Powerful Accountability check-in at the end of each month that will keep you on track and focused


Am I guaranteed sales?

My reply to that is:-

Are you prepared to COMMIT to

  • 2-3 hours per week to complete the missions and take action?
  • Offering great value to your prospects?
  • Staying in integrity when it comes to your sales?

If the answer is yes to all, there is no reason why you wouldn't get similar results to my other students and myself.

And the results we get are clients and customers!

Can I upgrade to Private Coaching or Your Higher Level Programme?

Once I have worked with you to ensure you are up to speed with your Strategy, System & Sales and we both think it would benefit you to move faster, we can certainly have the conversation. about your moving to the next level.

My next level programme is The 100K Masterplan Intensive and is for those earning a minimum of £50k per annum.

Carie Lyndene The Sales Sage

About Coach Carie

Carie’s career spans over 4 decades during which time she created and grew her home-based business into a multimillion-dollar international concern.

This led to her being headhunted by other global brands to work with their marketing and sales teams.

Through her coaching and training programmes, her marketing and sales strategies have generated 10s of millions of sales for her clients.

Carie specialises in working with PURPOSE DRIVEN women who are ready to take The Big Leap, Unleash Their Sales Potential and Start Earning What They are Truly Worth (and know they deserve).

Start Earning What You Are Worth & What You Deserve!

Register now for this cutting edge Sales Development Programme and become who you deserve to be with all the clients you need and be paid accordingly.