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Why Your Offers Are Falling On Deaf Ears!

So now you know Sales Secret No.1. do you want to know the others? (they are not what you think they are)

In this short but powerful free web class, I'm going to share with you The 5 Vital Psychological Sales Secrets (and more) you MUST build into your Marketing IF you want to create a Seismic Shift in your Client Acquisition, Income and Impact.

Sales Secrets

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During This Free Web Class, You Will Learn:

  • The 5 VITAL Psychological Sales Secrets you MUST consciously build into your Marketing IF you want to create a Seismic Shift in your Results and your Income.
  • The 9 Transformations That All Clients Want And How That Will Influence Their Buying Behaviours.
  • The 3 Skills you need to apply to your Marketing ASAP.
  • Further Resouces available to you and how to access and get your questions answered.
  • Free Workbook to Accompany the Webclass
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Carie Lyndene The sales sage

Met Your Host-Carie Lyndene (The Sales Sage)

Carie Lyndene (The Sales Sage) is known as one of the most sought-after Sales Authorities for women in business in the UK who are ready to take THE BIG LEAP!

She's famous for creating a multi-million-pound business (from her dining room table while bouncing babies on her hip) and helping 100s of her clients create 10’s millions of sales, lifestyle businesses and six-figure incomes.

With her, no-nonsense, no BS, no puffery, real-life Marketing & Sales Strategies she works with local businesses, consultants, coaches, and experts to transform their sales results from good enough to exceptional.

Her method is a NO-THEORY zone and NEVER involves complex funnels, same old same old marketing, tacky sales tactics, or expensive advertising.

Carie Lyndene 2021

Here Are the Details for This Web Class

  • When is it? Daily at 4 pm or watch yesterday's replay immediately.
  • Where is it? Join from your laptop/desktop/phone
  • Who's hosting it? Carie Lyndene (The Sales sage)
  • Why should I be there? Only attend if you want a seismic shift in your sales results.
  • What's it all about? The 5 VITAL Psychological Sales Secrets you need to build into all your marketing to unleash your sales potential.

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