How To Apply The Ultimate Sales Strategy

Are you one of the many people who have had their fingers burnt (and wallets plundered) by those who are over-egging the results they can get for their clients?

Last week I read a post (well a mini-rant really) from one such person and it prompted me to write this blog as I know only too well what that feels like to be on either side of that particular fence.

As always, there is a better way and a best practice approach to follow when it comes to a full proof Sales Strategy.


How To Guarantee More Sales Conversions...

and Stop Wasting Your Time!

I love the Bill Gates quote “Whenever I have a difficult task to do, I hire a lazy person to do it as they’ll find the easiest way to complete the task”.

Although I would never consider myself lazy, I am expedient with my efforts.

Running a business and bringing up two kids on my own demanded me to manage my energy carefully and have always found the simplest route from A-B

My clients love this about me!

When it comes to ensuring maximum productivity and sales results, this has always worked for me

The 6 Critical Business Lessons We All Need To Know

Have you ever been ready to pack up a project, kick a client into touch (not literally of course) or been tempted to give your business the boot?

Before you do, read this article and the 6 Critical Lessons that can be learned when you commit to persistence!

How VITAL Are Your Vital Statistics When It Comes To Business?

How many times have we heard that in reference to sales? It's a numbers game!

It's not a phrase I like as for me it dehumanises the sales process.

However, there is truth in it to some extent.

In this article, I share just how vital they really are and what are the 3 VITAL STATISTICS we need to focus on to ensure our business grows.

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