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Carie Lyndene (The Sales Sage) invites you to join her FREE On-Demand Web Class

Unleash Your Sales Potential & Start Earning You're True Worth

Transform Your Sales Results From Good Enough To Exceptional


What would it mean to you to consistently hit your sales & revenue targets without complex marketing, tacky sales tactics or spending a penny on advertising?

Money coming from everywhere

Are you a Consultant, Coach, Expert or Micro Business Owner who is in Start-Up, Start Over or Start Again mode?

Maybe you're More Advanced in your business but know you are still not earning what you are worth or deserve?

If so, join me in my FREE Web Class/Mini Training and discover how my clients consistently hit their sales targets and revenue goals without complex Marketing or Tacky Sales Tactics.


Examples of current clients who've Unleashed Their Sales Potential!

One client now up to just south of £10k month retainer fees and another has just confirmed an 8400 Euros monthly coaching client for the next 10 months. 😀

Carie Lyndene's 6 Figure Strategy

During This Web Class, I'll Share With You...

  • THE Simplest & Most Effective Marketing Strategy For ANY Business to Implement To Guarantee Success.
  • The 3 Major Sales Insights that I learned from 2020 to give you the edge over your competitors in 2021/2022.
  • My 3 Step 100K Masterplan (you can use this even if you only want to earn £50K or up to multiple six figures per annum)

If this is your first time joining me, here's what you can expect:

I'm a little bit unusual...

So much of the internet space is now filled with gurus and experts over-promising, under-delivering and only sharing the glossy results.

I'm going to share with you what it really takes to create a six-figure income, including mistakes I've made and the not-so-sexy stuff that needs doing.

I'll share with you the good, the bad and the ugly truth!

Good Bad Ugly Truth

Genuine Limited Attendance Window...

Two reasons:

1. This Web Class will be most helpful to you if you book out the time, show up with your full attention and then take action.

Once you have registered, you'll have 72 hours to watch it. 📆

2. I'm taking the time out to collate and share my success strategy, create world-class training and then deliver it.

If you can't take the time to watch something that will be a gamechanger for your income potential, it's probably not for you anyway. 😀


"Carie Lyndene doesn't just change your business, she changes your life."

- Susie Mackie (Author of Woman of Spirit) Body Confidence Coach.

"If it's results you're looking for, you must listen to Carie"

- Elaine Minett-Smith (Digital Content Creator)


Ready to learn exactly how we have unleashed our sales potential without complex marketing or tacky sales tactics?

Meet Your Host...

Carie Lyndene (The Sales Sage) is known as one of the most sought-after Sales Authorities for women in business in the UK.

She's famous for creating a multi-million-pound business (from her dining room table while bouncing babies on her hip) and helping 100s of her clients create 10’s millions of sales, lifestyle businesses and six-figure incomes.

With her, no-nonsense, no BS, no puffery, real-life Marketing & Sales Strategies she works with local businesses, consultants, coaches, and experts to transform their sales results from good enough to exceptional.

Her method is a NO-THEORY zone and NEVER involves complex marketing, tacky sales tactics, or expensive advertising.

Carie Lyndene 2021

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