Which LIVE Online Session With Carie Lyndene Is Right For You?

FREE Marketing Masterclass- January 20th 12pm-1pm


How To Get Inside Your Target Market's Head

In this FREE Live 60 Minute Workshop, I'm going to show you the method to use to get inside your target markets head.

This will reshape how you structure your marketing messaging communications and content.

If you want to become THE Go-To Supplier for your ideal client, you need to firstly get inside their head!


Low Risk, High Reward.

High reward? If you want to sell more of your products & services quickly and stress free, I'm going to show you how.

Low risk? My 60 minute webinar/masterclasses are Free and packed with value.

My Accelerator Sessions are half day, interactive and intimate. Incredible value at £49 and carry a 100% Money back satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you want high level strategy training or more in depth sales acceleration, these are my next LIVE EVENTS online

FREE- How To Get Inside Your Target Market's Head.

In this 60 Minute Masterclass, I share with you my surefire method I use to connect with my ideal client and then join in the conversation about their wants and needs already happening in their head. Use this method so YOU become the obvious choice for them to engage when they are ready to buy.

See below for details of next class.

PAID-How To Get New Clients In Just 6 Weeks.

In this interactive & intimate online half day workshop, I'm going to work with you personally to create your Marketing Plan to enable you too to get new clients in just 6 weeks.

Places limited to 12 so early booking recommended.

See below for Booking Information.


SALES Accelerator Workshop- Feb 10th 12pm-3pm

Leave Clear, Confident & Capable & Connected!

Start your journey to High Value Clients On-Demand with my Sales Accelerator Session. An intimate, interactive online & live where you'll discover what's really been holding you back and how to get tangible results in the next 6 weeks.

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Ready to go faster?

How To Get New Clients In Just 6 Weeks.

Join Me Live To Get Clarity On Your Marketing Strategy & Create a 6 Week Plan

There are 3 parts to making your success inevitable. Mindset, Marketing & Methods.

In this Accelerator Session we are focusing on getting your Mindset (Money Attitude) & Marketing (Cash Calendar) in order to start "Sealing The Deal" with new clients in the next 6 weeks.



Wednesday 10th February



Spent a highly productive morning on Carie's Live Session. Time well invested. Full of great content, very challenging and engaging and Carie's delivery is fantastic.

Gary Weston |Consultant ( Renewable Energy Solutions)

Get Personal Attention & Feedback from Carie in Real Time.

In this intimate, interactive accelerator session, we'll ...

  • Examine Your Attitudes to MONEY and why it may be alluding you. Understanding why Money flows towards certain people, problems and projects & why you may be secretly repelling it.
  • Create Your 6 Week Profit Project that you can action immediately so your sales accelerator session becomes exactly that. .
  • Map Out Your Marketing Strategy so you have your framework in place ready to activate.
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Remember, this Session has a hard limit of 12 places so book ASAP.

Implementation Programme

Within a month I saw my monthly income triple after working with Carie! I've never seen so many opportunities come my way.

— Elaine Minett- Smith ( Source Business Support)

Hi! I'm Carie.

Let's face it 2020 was awful for many.

Thankfully, it wasn't my first rodeo when it came to dodging the curveballs life was throwing at me.

I've had at least 5 MAJOR business or life crisis situations I've had to survive and thrive from in my 38 years in business.

Each and every challenge has made me stronger, wiser and more resourceful.

Honestly now, nothing fazes me in business as I know exactly what to do to make my success inevitable.

It's not rocket science or sales trickery. Just create a crystal clear Marketing Cash Calendar which I then put it action via 6 week project plans to GET NEW CLIENTS!

I teach my VIP clients this every day and now I'm opening up this powerful process for you to implement too.

Carie Lyndene  Strategy Session

These Bonuses Included Free

To ensure your success with this course, the Make Your Success Inevitable includes the following bonuses...

Implementation Frameworks & Workbook (£25 value)

Taking action on what you learn in this training is critical. Included in the training is an implementation workbook with checklists and resources to help you stay on the right track.

MP4 & MP3 Recording (Priceless)

After you've attended the session, you may want to run through the session again, listen back to my teaching or simply revisit each month via your Cash Calendar. Technology willing, I'll supply you with both video and audio recording.

1:1 Review Session (£149 value)

After you've completed the session, you'll gain access to a 30 minute bonus review session with me. In addition to answering your lingering questions, we'll uncover hidden opportunities, discover remaining roadblocks, and create an action plan for crushing your long-term goals.

Working with Carie has been super productive and has got me working to a plan. Within two weeks focusing on my 6 week project has me back on track. The positive results are astounding. 3 NEW clients and 2 previous clients booked back in.

— Emma De Feu ( Cavendish Wills & Estates)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included in this Sales Accelerator Session?

  • A full 3 hour session with me in a small group (max 12) LIVE and Online via Zoom.
  • Your Cash Calendar Planner & Workbook.
  • Recordings of session both MP4 Video & MP3 Audios

What will I learn?

In this Accelerator Session you'll learn:

  • How To Manage Your Money Mindset
  • How To Create 6 Week Get- Clients Plan
  • How To Map Out Your Marketing cash Calendar

What's the return/refund policy?

Once you have booked your place if...

1. You can't make the session, I'll transfer your booking to another date as long as you give me 24 hours notice.

2. Once you have attended the session and if per chance, you feel it wasnt excellent value for money, I'll give you a full refund and you can have the session on me!

How do I know whether this Accelerator Session is right for me?

If you are certain about your cash calendar (where your income will come from) for 2021, if you know exactly what your marketing plan is and are confident about implementing it, then this session probably isn't for you.

However, if you would like my help to put these things together, i'd book sooner than later. This process works most powerfully for Consultants, Coaches, Professional Service Providers, Experts & Trainers.

FYI- I'll be there to teach and guide you but you are doing the work :)

What if I already know how to plan?

Great! But the real acid test is - What results are you getting?

Taking Covid out of the equation as that obviously skewed lots of folks results, be honest with yourself.

How well were you doing before? Have you got what you need to survive and thrive in case of further turbulent times?

This isn't any old plan. This is a plan to get new clients in 6 weeks.

What's the investment?

£49 and 3 hours of your time.


GUARANTEE: If you don't think it it was incredible value, let me know, I'll refund you in full and you can have the whole session on me.

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