A Quick Hello From Carie.


Although I am a Business Mentor, Sales Specialist and Marketing Coach, I add much more than that to you and your business.

Here's why.

Since 1982, there is not much I haven’t tackled

From Direct Sales in Home Improvements (that business grew to a £10M revenue in the UK) A Health & Nutrition product distribution (that grew to $3.5 million worldwide)

A small Early Years Centre I ran from home around my small children and my Business Consultancy practice.

The latter two I ran from my dining room and conservatory which provided me with six-figure incomes within a year of setting up.

Since 2013, I've worked with 100s of Entrepreneurs around the world and my focus is entirely on my client's success.

I’m not saying any of this to impress you but to impress upon you, anything I can do, you can do too.

However, it's hard work doing it on your own. That’s where I come in. I’ve been there, done that. Got the t-shirt (in many different sizes)

Working with me is not your average coaching experience.

It’s a 360-degree holistic experience. It’s like having your very own virtual success partner.

Someone who is 100% committed to your success and has all the skills, knowledge & resources to nurture your talent so you can confidently achieve your income & lifestyle goals.

Carie Lyndene 2021

It's not all been sunshine and roses!

In this intimate, honest and revealing interview with Susie Mackie (Author of Women of Spirit and founder of Our Spirited Life) Carie Lyndene shares some harrowing events of her life, and how she has risen to and overcome those challenges: an inspiration, a true Phoenix.

Our conversation includes:

  • having the ‘Phoenix factor’: starting up or starting over at least five times
  • losing her life and business partner in a horrific car accident
  • the impact of her PA committing identity fraud and embezzlement
  • her early years centre flooding twice in one year
  • understanding the massive effect of grief
  • selling in integrity
  • the power of planning, and being in your zone of genius.

Don’t miss Carie’s three top life insights!

Meet my client Alex

After a highly successful corporate career, Alex who had also trained as a coach and trainer in the Psychology of Vision healing model had a passion to share her gifts with the world.

The issue was her coaching was more of a hobby (something that costs you money) instead of a business (something that generates profit)

It was clear to me that this woman was extraordinary yet she did not have enough clients.

Not only was that bad news for Alex, but it was also extremely bad news for all those potential clients who were missing out on working with her. We couldn't let that situation continue on either front!

With the application of my Clients On-Demand system, Alex now has a full suite of services and courses and is working with clients all around the world.

Alex Patchett-Joyce | UK

The Psychology Of Vision

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Alex Patchett-Joyce

What My Clients Say

Carie's wisdom & strategic mind has enriched the direction and structure of my business allowing me to grow and scale like never before.

Rebecca Bitton | Canada

Rebecca Bitton

I made a considerable investment into my business engaging Carie and it's one I pat myself on the back for every day. I can't thank Carie enough for getting me to where I am now.

Jane Mallett | UK

Jane Mallet

As a Coach and Strategist, Carie's depth of wisdom is something to behold. It's a rare thing so if you get the chance to experience, grab with both hands and say thank you!

Wesley Longoria | The Virtual Edge | South Africa

Wesley Longueria

Why clients love The Sales Sage!

Stuart Gibson

"Carie was a savior for assisting Acorn in realising our target market and creating compelling marketing to go with it"

Stuart Gibson

Acorn Finance

Richard Playfair

"If you're a solo entrepreneur, you soon realise working with Carie is absolutely essential. I just wish I'd found her sooner"

Richard Playfair

Sweatlife | UK

Susie Mackie

"Carie doesn't just change your business, she changes your life."

Susie Mackie

Body Confidence Photographer & Author "Women Of Spirit"

Carie Lyndene's Practical Wisdom

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Tania Jones

Meet my client Tania

Tania is an Automation Expert. There was NEVER any doubt about her ability to perform at the highest level.

However, that wasn't evident in her Marketing Message or the Sales Process that she was following.

We changed all that and now Tania's business is flying.

Tania Jones

Business Automation with KEAP

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